Caspar Aremi (casparian) wrote in londonpagans,
Caspar Aremi

Room to let! Nice house on the Isle of Dogs, 15 mins from the City & West End, close to Canary Wharf and Greenwich. Double bedroom with fitted wardrobes and plenty of storage space. House has two bathrooms, roomy kitchen and living room and a small garden to the rear. Area is a private estate with private security, so it's quiet and safe. Mudchute DLR is a short, well lit walk away. We have large parks to one side, and docks on the other.
Other people in the house are a quiet (usually :P ) gay pagan couple.
Rent is £332.22 per month, plus bills (around £100 a month roughly), incl Gas, Electricity, Water and Broadband. The letting company would run a check on you, but it's very straightforward, they accepted me and I know I have a very bad credit file. We'd need an ickle deposit, but nothing too serious :P
Email me - - if you're interested, or know of someone who may be.
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