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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Monday, February 24th, 2003

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Getting Started
Am a very bad pagan, gave in to the temptation to celebrate the shallow delights of movie stars instead of going to the WWL meet on Sunday. In my defence there are WWL meets every month and only one BAFTA ceremony a year and it did get me out in the fresh air (for 8 hours!).

Anyway, small though it may be so far, I thought I would make a point of trying to stimulate conversation by posting at least one question/topic thing a week on my new community. Something for us all to weigh in on and also a way to get to know one another rather than sitting silently and eyeing each other suspiciously over our keyboards.

This Weeks Questionnaire....

1) What was the last pagan related meeting you attended?
2) What do you feel you got from attending?
3) What made you want to or not want to attend again?
4. Do you recognise the image on the community page and where it comes from?

Current Mood: starstruck
Pretty Cool
A prayer written by St FrancisCollapse )

Current Mood: contemplative

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