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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Thursday, February 27th, 2003

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Things That Make You Go...
Top 5 things that make you think pagan-y thoughts...

1. Listening to the Incredible String Band.
2. Seeing the moon.
3. Trees, esp old trees.
4. Walking in general, I contemplate religion and beliefs and meditate most often when I walk. Alas I don't walk so much here in London owing to the rather less pleasant walking environment, there may be nice places to walk but you need to walk along an awful lot of car filled roads to get to them and it's really just not the same. Also this whole having a job thing really cuts into my fucking about and doing nothing time!
5. Weather (esp strong wind) and running water (not of the tap or shower variety!)

If anyone is curious to hear any ISB music I have a pile of mp3s and I could pass some on, they're not very well known these days. 60's acoustic acid folk!

Current Mood: frivolous

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