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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Friday, March 21st, 2003

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Spring Equinox Ritual
So I made it to the Pagan Federation open ritual last night run by Vitriol Grove this time and celebrating Eostara and the Spring Equinox.

There were about, actually I have no idea, I'm terribly at estimating numbers of people, quite a lot of people will have to do. The ritual was fairly standard from what I could tell and the group had a good energy although I sometimes thought they sounded a little stagey when reading their lines, but that's hard not to do. There was a lot of stuff about the elements and some talks and stories on why we were there and what we were celebrating. Sorita cast the circle, other members of her coven called and banished the quarters, the goddess was invoked and there was wine/meade/stuff and chocolate eggs for everyone in the circle (which took a while).

Good things. They had the most awesome smelling incenses and a very nose friendly herb burning ritual. The chants and drumming were really good and there was a lot of audience participation.

Some problems I had with the ritual. There was mention of this being the beginning of spring but to me Imbolc is the rough beginning of spring and Spring Equinox is smack bang in the middle of spring. So all the welcoming spring and banishing winter stuff just didn't resonate for me as I welcomed spring in last month. I also often have difficulty when people call air to the east and earth to the north as I call them the other way around as it just doesn't make sense to me otherwise. I think it would have been a good idea to have a group grounding or relaxation exercise before starting, I find this makes it easier to move into ritual mode especially when there are so many people involved. Also 7 is a lot of money!

Again I felt kind of lost before and after, there are so many people and the Conway Hall is not really a great place for sitting and chatting and meeting new people imo. I spent most of beforehand in a nearby pub with Steve whom I bumped into on the way there, lucky as I was hideously early and wouldn't have known what to do with myself otherwise. I left as soon as the ritual finished in part because I felt overwhelmed by the number of people and didn't really know where to start as I knew nobody and partly because I have been out a lot this week and with it taking an hour to get back home I wanted to have a little time at home and get a decent nights sleep.

All in all I had a good time, I like the energy of a lot of people doing ritual together.

It turns out I'm not going to miss the WWL Social because of the concert on Sunday but because I am in Scotland next weekend as the moot is the week after I thought it was. Keeping track of this stuff is really tricky. Looking forward to the next WiccaUK moot and the next Moot With No Name.

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