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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Thursday, March 27th, 2003

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Am getting towards the end of my "Pagan Religions in Ancient Great Britain" book and have come to a decision-ish thing. I think all this history stuff is completely irrelevant to modern paganism, most of the stuff that really resonates is a modern creation or at the least no older than medieval times. When it comes to anything pre-Christian or non-Roman we basically know absolutely fuck all and the popular stuff like celtic and druidic paths are the ones we know the least about and thus the easiest to romanticise. Why bother faffing around with pretending to be following some ancient path. The deity names we use we have no real knowledge about the actual history of, the Tuatha de Danaan may have no relevance to ancient Irish beliefs aside from the names used. It may have been strongly influenced by the writers knowledge of the Roman and Greek mythic structures. We have no real way to know otherwise. I'm so tired of finding out that things I have been told are based on incredibly shaky grounds or entirely false, what is it about people that they have to fictionalise history? From now on I intend to base my beliefs on the present and what I sense and believe about the way the world works. I may use existing deity names but I will use them in the knowledge that they are simply a name that I feel suits the entity I am attempting to work with and not necessarily at all related to any historical uses of that name. I will do my best to meditate and do dream work etc in an attempt to seek knowledge rather than looking for it in history books (unless of course I am just interested in the history of something).

You know this all sounded so much more coherent in my head while I was on the train.

Current Mood: cynical

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