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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Monday, April 7th, 2003

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Some Questions and Stuff
Chaos Magic book not going so well anymore. Am driving up against usual wall of hardened cynicism and ego's desire not to be gullible. Am also hitting a non-ego related issue, I'm not good with text books especially when it comes to learning anything practical. If I had tried to learn html or asp out of a text book I'd still be doing Biology. I learn by example and by doing, I suck at picking things up from text books and manuals.

Some questions...
1. Visualisation and Pathworking etc: are you actually supposed to see see stuff, I mean are you supposed to see it like it's really there or are you just pretending that you're seeing it?
2. Trance: what does it actually feel like to be in a trance? How do you know you got there?
3. Meditation: see above
4. How do you seperate an overactive imagination, coincidence and paranoia from real magickal events and presences?

Have decided to stop taking any sugar again in an attempt to be healthier and actually exert will over my own habits, not good with the self discipline and I thought this might be a good place to start. Terrible cravings yesterday, ate a bowl of porridge instead.

WiccaUK Moot this Sunday, yay! Also ...

Tue 8th Apr - London Earth Mysteries open social night at The Diorama Centre, 34 Osnaburgh St NW1. 7pm
Wed 9th Apr - Secret Chiefs at the Princess Louise, High Holborn. 8pm. Aztec and Mayan Blood Rites iirc.
Sat 12th Apr - Dragon Networks Eco-Magic course, Elements and Elementals. Green Angels, 12 Trundle St SE1.
Mon 14th Apr - SE London Folklore Society at The Mitre, 291 Greenwich High Rd SE10. Subterranean Worlds and Underground Civilisations. 8pm
Wed 16th Apr - The Moot with No Name at The Templars, Fleet St nr Temple Ug. 7.30pm.

Seeking recommended online texts on magick related topics for transfer onto PDA, yes I am trying to avoid buying too many books, at least until I'm sure what books I actually want for which I need to get a grounding in all the areas first.

Current Mood: chaotic

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