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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Wednesday, April 9th, 2003

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The Moot With No Warning
Look, I found out that Mark Pendergrast, the US author of "Victims of Memory" was in the UK. This is a book exposing, from his own personal experience, the "recovered memory" nonsense that sparked the Satanic Child Abuse Myth (SCAM) that had the entire pagan community in fear between twenty to ten or so years ago, with social services departments threatening to snatch children away from any pagan parents.

Mark can only speak in London this coming Friday, at the Templars Restaurant over the Devereux, at Devereux Court off of the Strand.

I am attaching a map, but I don't know if it will get through, let us know if it doesn't show up. 7:30 for 8, Friday 11th April. Please come, this is the only chance for us to hear him before he goes back to the USA, please pass on to any other group. Cost is £2.

Steve Wilson

From Temple tube.... come out of station and cross the street. Walk up either Surrey Street or Arundel Street right up to the strand, then turn right until you come to Essex Street. Walk down there and on the left is an alley called Devereux Court. Walk down there and you'll come to the Devereux Pub - enter and follow the signs up to the Restaurant (top of the stairs, can't miss it). Throw some money at the person with the jar infront of them and write your email address down to get updates on future Moots.
44. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.

If you had to pick one line from The Book of the Law which would it be? Why?

My why: this is the one line in particular that made sense to me as it repeats what is said in the book I am reading that when you do magick you must divorce yourself from the desire for what you are trying to bring about. Pure will.

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Wicca Workshop
Help, someone tell me why I should hand over 95 quid to David and Sorita for 6 classes and a ritual (looks in synesis direction). Was planning to apply for this but am easily put off by bulk sums of money.

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