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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Friday, April 11th, 2003

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How much does that rock.
Yes I am just nicking bits out of synesis journal and posting them cause I like them. I also know I've read this before but I forget where it was.

I am the mystic Grail, Virgin of Light and Mother of Ecstasy.
I am virgin silver as Anadyomene new-risen,
As the apple-blossoms that made the maiden waist of Blodeuedd,
As the moon's first slender bow:
As the light of the moon's first crescent, cold upon snows at Imbolc.
I am the armed maiden forth spoken from mouth of the Father;
The strong Daughter am I, the King's Daughter, helmed and mantled in silver
Ah, but fiery-golden my robe, and my love is as gold in the crucible molten!
who am Daughter of the Voice, mine is the deeper mystery:
Mother am I of the Logoi and Mother of Life Undying.
Myrrha am I, and Marah am I, and Mem the Great Ocean.
Within me mingle Time and Eternity:
I am the Mother of All Living, and I am the Womb of Rebirth.

Current Mood: impressed
Hello :) after a week or so of lurkage, I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm kitty (so ignore my live journal username) and I have been researching and attempting to live Paganism in some form (I lean towards Wicca, then I lean away... it's a whole big learning thing) for about four years now. I'm pretty much trying to learn as much as I can about anything I can, which is why I joined this group! I live in St. Albans just outside London but I'll be moving further in in a matter of months when I start university (fingers crossed). I'm sorry if I come across as an idiot at all by the way- I'm not really stupid, I just do a very good impression.

Ok, straight in with a question! I'm starting to learn the tarot, and I wondered if anyone could recommend any good books on the subject?

Current Mood: hopeful

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