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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Thursday, May 1st, 2003

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Magick Stuff So Frustrating
Reading Kabbalah FAQ

If Uriel means "Fire of God", from the word "oor" meaning "fire" and Auriel means "Light of God", from the word "or" meaning "light" then why is he to the north with midnight and earth? Wouldn't it make more sense for Gabriel to be Earth and Raphael to be Water and Uriel to be Air? I know there will be a reason somewhere, bloody esoteric mysticism.

Interestingly enough another part of the FAQ gives "At my right hand Michael At my left Gabriel Ahead of me Oriel Behind me Raphel Above my head the Sheckinah of God!" Which is exactly what I just said it seemed it should be above. This is from a modern Jewish pamphlet but it doesn't specify what direction you would be facing.

Qabalah stuff seems especially guilty of using words you don't know the meaning of without explaining them, usally Hebrew stuff, this makes it very hard to get anywhere with the basics. It takes people a long time to get unfamiliar foreign words properly filed in their heads.

In other news: went to Chaos Magick talk last night, too lazy to tell you about it. Was ruined utterly by lack of scoobygang63 anyway.

Time to go home.

Current Mood: grumpy

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