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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Thursday, May 15th, 2003

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Moot With No Name
Well the talk on tarot last night was very good, I liked the multiple speakers format better than a single speaker. It seems a shame though that so few wiccauk people show up to these talks now, especially as the subject matter is picked by and aimed at them. Considering how many people show up to the moots it makes me think that maybe the people on wiccauk are more interested in hanging out and getting drunk than in learning new things about wicca or related topics. But perhaps that is uncharitable and I'm not putting down hanging out and getting drunk, after all that's fun too and it's not like I didn't get drunk last night anyway.

I want to get the Masonic Tarot now, is pretty.

Next one is on the Runes in two weeks time, at The George again, by Temple underground.

Next WiccaUK moot, as I'm sure you all know, is on Sunday.

Tonight at 3.36am there is a lunar eclipse.

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Eurovision Party and Pagan Pride
Roommates are away to Bristol on the weekend of the 24-25th and my sister is coming to London to watch Eurovision with me so I announce Eurovision party (except not really a party cause when I have parties nobody goes to them) on the 24th at my house. Come along, bring booze, you're welcome to stay the night. Pagan Pride is the next day so feel free to come to that with me too, we'll make a weekend of it.

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