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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Thursday, May 29th, 2003

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Voila, a Brother
Bloody fucking hell that was quick! Last night I did a ritual to encourage my brother to come visit me, if I'd checked my email before I'd done it I needn't have bothered cause sitting in my inbox is a message saying he can come to London the weekend after next. Must make sure to keep him away from any ducks. May be able to bring him to the next WiccaUK moot.

Yesterdays Rune Talk: as ever there were fuck all wiccauk people there aside from me, casparian's household and sysnesis. The talk wasn't what I had expected and I found it a little scattershot and hard to focus on as I'm not always great at taking in one thing when I expected to be taking in another. I don't think I paid enough attention, must try harder. I've always liked the runes despite doing little with them. I made my own set with a saw, a tree branch and a black pen and my favourite ring is my silver runic one. I've also always liked Norse legend despite never having looked into it much. I am curious to find out more about the 9 realms and the cosmology and creation myths but I have so much on my plate right now there just seems to be a never ending stream of stuff I need to find out more about, learn how to use and figure out. I'm looking forward to sysnesis Qabalah talk next time much more as it will be playing much more into what I'm currently looking at instead of brandishing more tangents I don't have time to explore yet.

Current Mood: overburdened

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