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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Sunday, June 1st, 2003

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I am very excited to discover that my Moon being in Taurus is a good thing because the moon is exalted in Taurus and exerts her most benificent Great Mother Goddess aspect in this sign. Yay me. Have also found out what mutable means and that Sagittarius is the Water of Fire. Also figured out ascendant is your role or how you present yourself and that having Venus in Scorpio means my love life will be debauched (well accoring to the Thoth tarot card anyway).

Checked wheeler and my free daily horoscopes yesterday on astro.com and were impressed by results. For anyone who wants to nosy into my details or do relationship comparison charts (which are very amusing... see here) or whatever my DOB is 14/12/1975 at 11.59pm in Kilmarnock.

Currently trying to figure out what the individual letters of the Hebrew alphabet really mean. See it goes like this; get Thoth tarot deck, start reading Book of Thoth, get bemused by argument over whether the Emperor and the Star should be reversed or not, start researching that, discover original Hebrew paths between the Sephiroth entirely different to Golden Dawn paths, start researching that, discover also that someone has been fucking with the order of the planetary attributes, decide must deeply research meanings of all Sephiroth and Hebrew letters so can figure out which cards should be which letters and then where they should go as paths, get headache, go mad, spend rest of life proclaiming that I am Master Hootz-peh-thotl V and only I can explain the secrets of the Universe using this handy bread-bin and several boxes of toothpicks.

So far I am told that Spirit (A) is enclosed (B) which produces time/movement (G) which has a response (D). This is life (H). It fertilises (V) the undetermined probabilities (Z) of the undifferentiated pool of possibilities (Ch) available to be born (T) into existance (Y).

However when you try and use the actual meanings of the letters to fit into this sentence you get... The ox (A) is housed (B) and made a camel (G) which passes through the door (D) to become matter (H) which nails (V) the sword (Z) of the fenced thing (Ch) through the coiled serpent (T) in the hand (Y).

Which admittedly could also read... The Primal Energy/Breath of Life (A) is enclosed (B) and becomes a vehicle (G) which gives the open door (D) to matter (H) which affixes (V) the power (Z) of the etc etc.

Coming up: WiccaUK moot next Sunday and Moot With No Name on Qabalah on Wednesday 11th.

Current Mood: repetative
A few members of WiccaUK have expressed interest in nipping into Treadwells before the moot this Sunday. So I've suggested we meet at Covent Garden Tube Station around 1pm to pop in, then walk up to the moot venue (not far at all). If anyone wants to join us, you're more than welcome.

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