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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Thursday, June 12th, 2003

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Moot with no Name
The Moot with No Name last night on Qabalah was very good, despite the venue's all new extortionate drink prices. They charged me over �4 for a vodka and cranberry! There were 3 speakers again; Steve on the history, synesis on practical modern uses and David Rankin on being in a Qabalistic Lodge. Even more exciting is the fact that it looks like David is going ahead with a course on the topic and other related areas which means more of my hard earned cash will be headed their way as I definitely want to do it. It is unsurprising that I would consider this the best talk so far, given that it is very much in my area of interest at the moment. For amusements sake I will rank the talks so far on how interesting or useful I, personally, found them...

1. Qabalah - Steve, synesis and David
2. Dreams - Steve
3. Wicca and other stuff - Sorita
4. Tarot - Inbaal and others
5. Runes - people I don't know
6. Earth Mysteries - didn't really attend as was unwell

Have I missed any out? Next time we get to meet King Arthur, well cool.

In further exciting news the WiccaUK discussion group is going ahead and the first meeting will be on the 19th. We just need to figure out what we'll be discussing in time to research it enough to actually discuss it. I'm thinking something related to yesterdays talk on Qabalah and perhaps a Goddess of some sort.

Upcoming events (incomplete)...

Jun 19th - WiccaUK discussion group, 7pm @ Treadwell's, Covent Garden
Jun 21st - Harry Potter Book 5!
Jun 22nd - WWL Picnic in Richmond Park, midday
Jun 25th - Moot With No Name, The Devereaux, 7.30pm

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ok cabbalists.. Does kether and the rest of the tree of life relate to the ain-suph in the same way that ra-hoor-khuit relates to nuit and hadit? Are they the same thing?

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::waves:: Newbie!
Hi there :)

I found this group through marysiak's LJ, and thought I'd introduce myself! :)

I'm 17, female, and I live in south London with my family and other animals. I've been reading up on and finding out about Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft since I was about eleven, out of a kind of morbid interest. Anyway, I never lost interest in it. So there you are :)

Anything else you care to know, just ask!


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