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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Monday, July 7th, 2003

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WiccaUK Discussion Group
Worksheets and information from previous dates are available on the WiccaUK page for the discussion group.

Yesterday was our second meeting at which the discussion topics were The Middle Pillar Exercise and the Goddess Elen. In attendance were myself, synesis, casparian, sparkx, sarah_m and an American from WiccaUK whom I don't know who was in the country on business. That makes one less than last time, a little disappointing.

We started with synesis giving us a little background info on the Middle Pillar, he and I then talked through the sephiroth involved. We all did the qabalistic cross, then I did the LBRP. Hopefully at future meetings we can have a different person do the LBRP each time before getting started so that everyone has a chance to actually do ritual in front of people and get the scariness of it over with. synesis then led us through the Middle Pillar, demonstrating how tricky it is to vibrate god names with other people when not everyone agrees on how they are pronounced. i think it went quite well, I certainly enjoyed it although sarah_m and sparkx both developed headaches and casparian got a nose bleed halfway through. Apparantly these physical effects are not uncommon but it's not something I've ever had myself. synesis then demonstrated the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram as he was in the mood to do it.

If you want to know more about that see these links...
From the Ra-Hoor-Khuit Network's Magickal Library
Ritual of the Hexagram
Notes from Hermetic.com
The Unicursal Hexagram (which synesis used)
We will probably cover it more fully in a future discussion group.

After that we had a somewhat desultory discussion of the Goddess Elen as it turns out none of us really know much about her despite looking her up on the web as best we could. Apparantly the Moot With No Name on Wednesday will probably tell us something about her as Caroline Wise discovered her or something.

Next Discussion Group date...
When: Thursday, 17th July from 7pm
Where: Treadwell's, 34 Travistock Street, Covent Garden
Cost: 3 quid per person for room hire and drinks

1. The sephirah of Yesod and it's attributes
2. The Egyptian god Thoth/Tahuti/Djehuty

Some recommended reading...

Yesod - argotique.com
Yesod - wisdomsdoor.com
Yesod - polarissite.net
Yesod - zero-point.tripod.com
Tree of Life - halexandria.org
Path 32 from Malkuth to Yesod
Names of Netjer - Djehuty
Thoth Article by Mirjam on realmagick.com
Thoth - philae.nu/PerAnkh
Thoth - crystalinks.com
Thoth by Jeannie Chan

Please feel free to add further links here.

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Upcoming Events
Tue 8th July, 7pm - LEMC
How the Gnostic Religion Survived by Steve Wilson
34 Osnaburgh Street, London NW1.

Wed 9th July, 7.30pm - Moot With No Name
The Goddess Today by Caroline Wise
The George, The Strand

Sun 13th July - Wicca UK Picnic, Holborn

Thur 17th July, 7pm - WiccaUK Discussion Group
Treadwells, Tavistock St, Covent Garden

Sat 19th July - Occulture in Brighton

Mon 21st July, 7.30pm - South London Moot
Nelson's Arms, S Wimbledon

Sun 27th July, Noon - WWL Picnic
Richmond Park

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Middle Pillar and LEMC
I think I broke my throat. Ow.

Actually got off my ass and did the LBRP and Middle Pillar this evening. Very enjoyable. Some interesting effects during the archangel invocation part, I think I really found my voice there and I could feel it vibrating right through my arms. Except that then it gave out a bit after that owing to the whole being really loud thing. But on the whole it was really good.

Dunno whether to go to LEMC tomorrow or not. Anyone else going?

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