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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

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New Cross Moot (SE London)
Tonight there's a moot in the Hobgoblin pub, New Cross from 8pm.
It's right across the road from New Cross Gate station, either on the East London Line or mainline from London Bridge. On the ELL, half the trains go to NXG, the other half go to plain old New Cross, so check the front of the train before getting on. If you do get on the wrong one, it's just a 5 min walk to the other, but it'll save you hassle if you go to the correct station.
Mainline, they leave every 10 or 15 mins from London Bridge, usually platform 12 I think, but check the screens. New Cross is the first stop, just 10 mins away, exit the station and cross the road (unless the roadworks are still there from last year, in which case you'll want to walk around those to the left!).
There's a talk by Ken Reece, though to be honest, I have no idea who this is.

My number is 07732 061094 if anyone wants to meet me there :) Shall be along with Sparks and RowanAsh.

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