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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003

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Mythology, Folklore and Witchcraft course
Mythology, Folklore and Witchcraft

Holland Park Centre, Arilie Gardens, W8
Wednesdays 7.00-9.00pm
Commencing 24th September 2003 for 3 terms
Fees per term: £55.00. Concs: £21.00
(non Kensington and Chelsea residents £68)
Enquiries: 020 8671 6372 / 7573 5333

The course takes a cross cultural perspective on Myth, Witchcraft and Shamanism (ie early religion, spirituality and magic). It explores the ways these have survived over the centuries and have been revived in a variety of forms today.
Within this perspective the focus is on Europe with special reference to the British Isles. Among the areas looked are:

- The Wheel of the Year - the seasonal cycle as celebrated through Hallowe'en, Yule, Imbolc etc.
- Earth Mysteries research - leylines & stone circle engimas
- Celtic myth & religion - Druidism, the Welsh Mabinogion
- Folklore traditions, customs found around these
- Early modern European witchcraft - the medieval witchhunts, the role they played in the persecution of Women.
- Neo-Paganism reconstructionsim in the late 20th century - Wicca, the new Druidry, spiritual feminism and mystical ecology (the return of the tribe).

The place of such revivals is located in the wider socio-cultural context of modern society; in particular - the personal quest for coherent identify, the need for roots, the search for community, the rise of the New Age and the growth of new religious movements.

The social sciences are used throughout to critically interpret material presented. The course will be illustrated throughout with slides, cassettes, video and handouts, plus a possible field trip to an ancient site or a contemorary Festival. Experiential workshops may also be available.

Tutor: Ken Rees

Kensington and Chelsea College

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