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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Thursday, September 11th, 2003

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Introduction and possible flamebait
Hello all. It's good to have found this group - I'm just coming out of a hermit-like phase of life and I'm keen to go to more events, share experiences, meet like-minded sorts, all that sort of thing, so I hope to run into some of you in real life soon :)

But ahem, on to the possible flamebait. When I'm not doing my real job, I make stuff. Recently, sets of runestones. I also design posters. (I did one of the Charge of the Goddess for a friend, which I'm rather pleased with.) I was wondering how the group would feel about me occasionally posting links to new stuff I've done? Would people be interested, or would it be more a case of 'advertising is the root of all evil! Lynch her!'?

Please let me know...

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