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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Tuesday, September 30th, 2003

Time Event
The Moot with no Name/Reflection
Wednesday 1st October - the great Wicca Debate! Is Wicca a fertility
religion or not? Find out (and argue your position) at the Moot With
No Name,The George Tavern directly opposite the Royal Courts of
Justice, The Strand (extreme east end of the Strand,)

Thursday 2nd October - The Moot with no reflection - Tina Rath on
media reports of "Real Vampires" at the Ship, Holborn (come out of
Holborn Tube Station and either turn left and left again or right and
right again).

Both events, 7:30 for 8. Moot with no name, £2 everyone, Moot with no
reflection, £2.50 or £1 for members of VC or LVG

See you there!

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