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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Monday, June 1st, 2009

Time Event
Grimoires: Lecture followed by Launch Drinks 3rd June
Grimoires: Lecture followed by Launch Drinks from Oxford University Press
Professor Owen Davies (University of Hertfordshire)
3rd June (Wednesday) 7.15 for 7.30 start. £5
Treadwells, 34 Tavistock St, Covent Garden.

Professor Owen Davies is the author of the seminal study of cunning men and cunning women (published first as Cunning Folk, reprinted as Popular Magic). His new book on magical texts is eagerly awaited, and tonight is its launch night. He will be giving a lecture on one aspect of the grimoire tradition, from his latest research. A launch party follows, hosted by the publisher of the book, Oxford University Press.

Owen Davies is Professor of Social History at the University of Hertfordshire. Much of his work has concerned the continued widespread belief in witchcraft and magic in the modern period, and why witchcraft accusations eventually declined in England during the early twentieth century. This has also led to work on popular medicine and folklore, comparative studies regarding France and Scotland, and interdisciplinary research applying anthropological and biomedical knowledge to historical topics. He has spoken at Treadwell's before and we warmly welcome his return.
Tickets will go on sale in April 2009.

Reserve your place via Treadwell's by email (info@treadwells-london.com), or by phone, 020 7240 8906. Payment confirms booking. Treadwell's hosts courses and workshops taught by most experienced and gifted practitioners we know -- tutors who are not only advanced in their subjects but are also able to consider their practices thoughtfully and critically. Our aim is to make the study of esoteric disciplines available to thinking, well-read enquirers. You can also get events updates via an RSS Feed (http://www.treadwells-london.com/events.php). We have an archive of past courses (http://www.treadwells-london.com/coursespast.asp), and you can also subscribe to our mailing list (http://www.treadwells-london.com/mailinglist.php).
Cottonwoolfairy Hats

I am London based, and I've recently opened a shop online selling traditional pointy witch hats,
and I'm currently posting the info around in case anyone might be interested.

A while ago I became frustrated with the lack of proper pointy hats available
(beyond the fake plasticy ones you can buy at Hallowe'en).
I started making felt hats as an experiment, and enjoyed it so much
that I decided to start selling them.

The hats are felted from various different wools:
unbleached and undyed natural colours such as Black Welsh and Bluefaced Leicester,
as well as soft Merino wool dyed in any number of colours.
Often I decorate them with brightly coloured silks, buttons, hatbands etc.
However, these hats are made to be worn - The felt is hardy and weather resistant
and will easily withstand being sat upon, dropped in puddles, stolen by toddlers etc!
As such, they are ideal for wearing out and about.

There are several hats up for sale on my website at the moment - I hope you like them!
More usually though I work to commissions, so please feel free to
e-mail me with your own designs at:

Best Wishes,
Imogen Rush

(P.S. I hope it's okay that I've posted this here!)


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