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Pagans in Greater London's Journal
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Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

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Custom Rituals for New Age Practitioners
A year and one day. This is the amount of time traditionally allotted to the novice witch to study and become familiar with the craft prior to initiation into the fold. Those lucky few among us might find a coven willing to guide them through this period in their spiritual development. Most of us are what is now known as a solitary practitioner which is an idea popularized by Scott Cunningham. It can be very difficult to complete this study period because there is simultaneously too much and not enough information. There are a ton of books available on the subject of magick and pagan spirituality. However, what I found during my year and one day was that much of the information repeated itself over and over again and never allowed you to delve deeper into the craft. Additionally, the spells provided might feel hollow to you, invoking names of goddesses and gods what are unfamiliar or never quite expressing what you want to say or request from the universe. Writing rituals can be very difficult for many people, however, who have many ideas and beliefs but do not know how to incorporate them into the ritual. Some practitioners might fear not having the proper ritual format for maximum efficiency.

In general, many people simply do not have the time to write rituals and determine every aspect from tools used to words selected. I offer the best of both worlds by completely customizing rituals for individuals practicing magic. You tell me the occassion or your intention, discuss your beliefs with me, and what kinds of tools you want to use (if any.) I provide rituals for the sabbats, esbats, and general spell work. There are several delivery options: a digital copy of your ritual, a printed copy of your ritual (high quality paper, ready-made for inclusion in your book of shadows), or a full ritual set which includes not only a printed copy of your ritual but all supplies necessary. I also offter the service of forming a complete book of shadows for new practitioners. Please note, this service is meant to be a supplement to your studies and not a substitute for your own research. It is important that clients realize that the rituals will be completely thiers; I maintain no copyright on those that I write and they will belong completely to you to use and distribute how you choose. All rituals are written from scratch and are never reused for another client giving each of you a truly custom experience.

A little bit about me personally. I've been a practicing Wiccsan for over a decade during which time I have extensively studied different forms of magick and psychic development. I am a professional writer and mother of two. I love the outdoors which has allowed me to add unique facets to my practice of magick.

I can't wait to help witches around the world take their magic to the next level with customized rituals for every occassion and intention.

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