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Upcoming Events at Treadwells (Solitary Witchcraft Course!)

Hi all,

All events listed below are at Treadwells, 34 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden. http://www.treadwells-london.com/
Phone number to book: 020 7240 8906

Some Secret Place: Exploring Pagan Spirituality & Ritual
Peter Mahoney and Friends
14th July (Monday) 7.15 pm for 7.30 start
£5 (please book in advance)

These are monthly beginner's pagan ritual evenings, perfect for those starting out on the pagan path, or as solitary witches. Some Secret Place is made up of some talk, some small group discussion on devotion, ceremony, spirituality, and relationship with deity. Most of all, though, it is experiential. It's about doing and feeling rather than theorising. We hope that people who come along will deepen their personal relationship with the pagan gods. This is for people who have done some reading on witchcraft, Wicca and/or paganism, and who are familiar with at least its general theological tenets. We assume you are pagan and want to practice it, but we don't presume you are experienced.

Group size is small - we don't take more than 17 people for the evening. The organisers want this to be a gentle, intimate and thoughtful experience. You can come once, come regularly, or come intermittently -- whatever suits you best.

Treadwell's Solitary Witchcraft Course: First Night: The Magical Book / the “Book of Shadows
Christina Oakley and Friends
16th July (Wednesday) 7.15 for 7.30 start, runs till 9.30 pm
£10 (please book in advance)

This is a short course of four fortnightly evenings in which beginning solitary witches can work practically on some of cunning folks arts. Tuition, guidance, encouragement and hand-on practice form the heart of every session. The tutors are all experienced and will be leading in turn the subject of their various specialities. The group size is kept deliberately small (maximum 18) so everyone can have plenty of attention.

First Session
Every witch has a Big Black Book, in which secrets, spells, recipes and other unknown things are written. Most solitary witches today have a few blank books they mean to turn into the Magical Booke of Arte, but find the prospect a little daunting. This session opens up the world of inspiration, secrets, mysteries, spell and what is the function of such a book. As a solitary, how do you decide how to make one / should you make one? What goes into it, and how do you get started? The activities of the evening will include showing round a selection of actual solitary witches’ books. We will look at the ways of illustrating them, the importance of handwriting, and what you might want to choose to start with, to put into your own one. To this end there will be the presentation of a few invocations and devotional pieces from the books of some of the witches present. Small group discussion and making an action plan on how to start your own book over the following fortnight.

Tutors: Peter Mahoney of ‘Some Secret Place’ ; Rebecca Wood of Hedgewitches’ Kitchen; Rebecca Beattie of Hedgewitches’ Kitchen; Marysia Kay, actress and witch; Christina Oakley Harrington of Treadwell’s.

Yeats' Golden Dawn: Magic, Women, Passion, Celts, Mystics
Mike David
17th July (Thursday) 7.15 for 7.30 start
£5 (please book in advance)

Women and magic are two of the most vital themes underpinnig the work of WB Yeats, who was arguably the greatest poet of the twentieth century. And the two themes were interlinked: Florence Farr, Olivia Shakespeare, Annie Horniman, Maud Gonne and George Yeats - each of these were also associated with magic, in particular the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Tonight's performance by Mike David is made up of readings from letters, some poems and bits of plays. There will also be illustrated handouts and informational chat. It will bring to life WB Yeats' literature, his magic, the Golden Dawn and the contributions of the extraordinary woman in Yeats' circle. You will hear about automatic writing, ghosts, fairies, Celtic heroes, astrological cycles, revolutionary passions, Irish mysticism, and ceremonial magic.

Mike David is an actor, writer, and lover of things mystical, with over 30 years in the theatre. His performances bring together a variety of threads: the passionate monologue, the inspired lecture, the intense playreading and the one-man drama. His evenings are riveting. Reading with him is Gemma Sealey.

Gnostics, Gnosticism & Gnosis
Jonathan Hill
24th July (Thursday) 7.15 for 7.30 start
£5 (please book in advance)

Gnosticism is one of the most intriguing – and fashionable – religious movements of the ancient worlds. Once glimpsed only in the scathing denunciations of their opponents, the gnostics have suddenly become very familiar as discoveries of their writings in Middle Eastern deserts and in ancient monastic libraries have been widely published and translated. Sometimes it seems as though a rash of treatises, apocalypses, and secret gospels threatens to overturn traditional understandings of early Christianity and throw convention out of the window.

But what do we really know about the gnostics? Who were they, and what did they believe? And why did they believe it? What happened to them? In this talk we try to answer some of these questions. By looking at some of their key writings we will see what they really believed, and how much still remains unknown about major figures such as Basilides and Valentinus. And we will find out how the gnostics fit in to the ancient Mediterranean religious scene: what they thought of other movements of the time, and what others thought of them – whether Christian, pagan, or Neoplatonist. Some of the answers – and some of the questions that remain unanswered – may be surprising. But then the gnostics have always been good at overturning expectations.

Tonight's speaker recently completed his doctorate at the University of Singapore in Philosophy, and is the author of several books on religious belief. He returns to Treadwell's by popular request.

Treadwell's Solitary Witchcraft Course: Second Night: Altar and Ritual
Christina Oakley and Friends
30th July (Wednesday) 7.15 for 7.30 start, runs till 9.30 pm
£10 (please book in advance)

Second Session
This session looks at some actual witchcraft altar formats, and what goes onto a pagan altar – and indeed what asks what, for a pagan witch, is an altar for? From there we expand to look at what kinds of ritual can you, as a solitary witch, do – and find meaningful. The session will include demonstration of constructed altars in a few different formats, a layout of a pagan circle for one person, a short talk on how to practically apply the four elements four directions. We will do some hands-on practice of ritual, noting how it is tailored for working alone in a small space at home. The emphasis is on drawing upon tradition and upon maximising your personal spiritual experience. There will be small group discussion, a short meditation, and making an action plan on how to set up (or build upon upon) your altar and a personal ritual over the following week.

Course starts Weds 16 July and meets fortnightly. See that date for more details .

Flapdoodle!: Madame Blavatsky Introduced and Celebrated
Christina Oakley Harrington & Treadwell's Friends
31st July (Thursday) 7.15 for 7.30 start
£5 (please book in advance)

An evening of short talks, readings, slides in honour of the world's most famous female occultist in history. She was a huge woman, with a huge personality -- her favourite insult was 'Flapdoodle', and her exuberance was equally passionate. All are invited to come and learn more about this extraordinary woman, who pioneered much of the key features of occultism. 31 July was Madame B's Birthday - she lived 1831-1891.

Christina Oakley Harrington has a doctorate in history and a passion for the history of Western esoteric movements, and has a special fondness for the tradition's many remarkable women.

Solitary Witchcraft Course: Third Night: Herbal Magic
13th August (Wednesday) 7.15 pm for 7.30 start
£10 (please book in advance)

Third Session
Everyone knows that the old solitary witch knows the secrets of herbs, and can rustle up a charm for luck, love or prosperity. But how does one get proficient? Well, this session gets you started and active with a hands-on session. The underlying principles are explained, and then we get into making three actual herbal magical items in the class. By the end of the evening you will be confident to make things at home, in your own kitchen, often with the ingredients that are there already. Lots of question-and-answer time on practicalities, with free advice on what worked for us. You will be making a sachet, a potion and a candle spell. But also, you will be drawing up your own personalised action plan for what you’d like to make or do at home over the following week.

Course starts Weds 16 July and meets fortnightly. See that date for more details .

Solitary Witchcraft Course: Fourth Night: Seals, Sigils and Talismans
27th August (Wednesday) 7.15 pm for 7.30 start
£10 (please book in advance)

The cunning man and the old woman in the woods, we all know, can draw strange seals upon scraps of parchment, then seal them with wax and thread, in order that ‘things happen’. What are those seals and sigils? Where on earth do you get parchment? and if you did learn what it all meant, what on earth is done with the sealed up little wrap? This session is on the seals and sigils of what can be called ‘talismanic magic’. We show you the guidelines, and the shapes of these actually work – we’ll hand round a few 16th century grimoires to give you a bit of the history of the tradition. Activity for the night will be you making a couple talismanic parchments and a wax seal yourself, and discussion and plans on how you can do this at home on your own. As always, by the end of the evening you should feel confident that you can get started doing these on your own in the following week.

Course starts Weds 16 July and meets fortnightly. See that date for more details .

The Empress of the Tarot: A Goddess Day for Women
Caroline Wise and Friends
30th August (Saturday) 12 noon - 5.45 pm
£30 (please book in advance)

This is a one-day goddess intensive for women, centred on the Empress card of the tarot. This beneficent aspect of the goddess bestows abundance, creativity, sensuality and the earthing of desires.

The day will be made up of talks, visualisation, meditation, and practical exercises and we meet Ishtar, Isis, Venus, Ceres, and Athena. There will also be a nod to Florence Farr and her 'Sphere Group' within the Hermetic Order if the Golden Dawn, and tarot artist Pamela Colman Smith (artist of the famed Rider-Waite deck).

Caroline Wise has not only a long involvement with the Fellowship of Isis but is deeply committed to the legacy of women magicians in Britain. Coming originally from an earth mysteries background, her workshops also incorporate a strong sense of place and locality. She has been an occultist for over 30 years.

Hope to see you at some of these events!

34 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden
Phone: 020 7240 8906
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