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Wicca Today and The Gods of the Witches (5th and 12th January)

5th Jan - Wicca Today - Changes, Evolutions and Practicalities talk
12th Jan - Gods of the Witches talk
14th Jan - SSP Open Ritual

Treadwells, 34 Tavistock St, Covent Garden
info@treadwells-london.com or 020 7240 8906

Wicca Today - Changes, Evolutions and Practicalities: An Informal Lecture with Anecdotes and Q&A by Christina Oakley Harrington
5th January 2009 (Monday) 7.15 for 7.30 start.
£5, please book in advance.

Solitary witchcraft, or 'Wicca for One', is a branch and outgrowth of initiatory Wicca, a path which really has come into its own over the past 20 years. This talk opens up the Wicca religion's deities, rituals, ethics, magic, worship, and some particular challenges. Christina will elucidate some of the more unusual features of Wicca, those parts of it that challenges common assumptions about the very word 'religion': What is divinity in Wicca? What is it to worship? What is the nature of the body, and what are attitudes to sexuality? What does priesthood mean in Wicca? After the talk there will be an period for questions and answers, so do bring all your queries and 'I-always-wondered' thoughts. Whether your interest is academic, curious, or if you are a Wiccan yourself - you are warmly welcome.

Christina Oakley Harrington speaker has been a Wiccan for almost 20 years, and has worked as a solitary as well as in the initiatory tradition. In the early 1990s she edited Pagan Dawn, the journal of the Pagan Federation, and is occasionally involved in interfaith meetings. She has a doctorate in history, and has lectured in medieval religious history and in the history of belief; for a while she even taught church history to trainee Roman Catholic priests. This talk is presented in response to popular request. Places limited.

The Gods of the Witches: Divinity, Worship, Ritual and Transgression
12th January 2009 (Monday) 7.15 for 7.30 start.
£5, please book in advance.

This talk is a sequel to that on 5th January. This time Christina Oakley Harrington turns to focus on the Wiccan understanding of the divine and spiritual forces, and how the tradition, including in the solitary path, transmits the ideas of what is sacred and how it should be worshipped. What are witches doing when they do a ritual, and what does a Wiccan ritual aim to do? What does it worship and how can it be both religious and magical simulaltaneously? The speaker asserts that Wicca's religious tenets are more challenging, perhaps even radical, than people realise nowadays. Tonight's talk reveals how, and what she thinks this can mean for society as well as for witches themselves.

Once again, there is ample time provided at the end for questions and discussion. This is a talk for people who are exploring Wicca as well as for those interested in comparative religion. This lecture can be attended as part of a pair, in conjunction with that of 5th January. It can also be attended on its own.

Some Secret Place: Ritual Evening for Pagans
Led by Peter James
14th January 2009 (Thursday) 7.15 for 7.30 start.
£5, please book in advance.

Some Secret Place is a regular ritual evening for pagans and interested parties, with a short talk discussion, meditation, and participation in ceremony. It is for people who are pagan, but who may not have much ritual experience. It is presumed those attending have done reading on witchcraft, Wicca and/or paganism, and are familiar with its general theological tenets. Group size is kept deliberately limited to enhance the personal experience -- maximum 17 places per session. Booking in advance is required. Also on Thursday the 22nd January.

Reserve your place via Treadwell's by email (info@treadwells-london.com), or by phone, 020 7240 8906. Payment confirms booking. Treadwell's hosts courses and workshops taught by most experienced and gifted practitioners we know -- tutors who are not only advanced in their subjects but are also able to consider their practices thoughtfully and critically. Our aim is to make the study of esoteric disciplines available to thinking, well-read enquirers. You can also get events updates via an RSS Feed (http://www.treadwells-london.com/events.php). We have an archive of past courses (http://www.treadwells-london.com/coursespast.asp), and you can also subscribe to our mailing list (http://www.treadwells-london.com/mailinglist.php).
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