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Upcoming Events: Adventures of an Alchemist (5th Feb at Treadwells)

Adventures of an Alchemist: Encounters, Dreams, Synchonicities and Travels with Paul Cowlan
5th February 2009 (Thursday) 7.15 for a 7.30 start
£5 payable in advance

Paul Cowlan has twenty-five years' involvement with 'the secret art', as alchemy is sometimes called. He speaks annually at Treadwell's on the its symbolism, history and philosophy. For Paul, however, alchemy is much more than an intellectual interest. Tonight you will be regaled with stories of what it's like for one man to have lived with these symbols and processes for most of his adult life. In his own words, 'alchemy has been central to my personal development from that moment of synchronicity in 1985 which brought my latent interest suddenly into the daylight world.' Shortly after this event his dream diaries began revealing that his nights were teeming with alchemical activities as well. And that was just the start....tonight, it all comes out in the telling. ‘Somnium narrare vigilantis est’, says Seneca: whoever relates his dreams must be awake.

Paul Cowlan returns to Treadwell's to give this talk at the request of those who have been to his annual lectures and who have asked for this, more personal evening of anecdotes and reflections. His engaging style and command of his material never fail to enchant.

Other Upcoming events...

The Monstrous Lesbian: Literature and Art c. 1900-1930
11th February 2009 (Wednesday) 7.15 fro 7.30 pm start. £5
A lively lecture punctuated with illustrations and quotations, exploring the image of “The Lesbian” – ‎monstrous, tragic and exoticised, in English literature of the 1910s and 20s.‎ The idea of her monstrosity arose from the culture of the time: the fin-de-siècle fascination with “deadly and dangerous females”as well as the appearance of images of aesthetic and decadent men.

Some Secret Place: Ritual Evening for Pagans with Peter James
13th February (Friday) 7.15 for 7.30 start. £5
Some Secret Place is a Pagan ritual evening for, with a short talk discussion, meditation, and participation in ceremony. Next Sessions: Friday 6 March, Friday 13 March.

Reserve your place via Treadwell's by email (info@treadwells-london.com), or by phone, 020 7240 8906. Payment confirms booking. Treadwell's hosts courses and workshops taught by most experienced and gifted practitioners we know -- tutors who are not only advanced in their subjects but are also able to consider their practices thoughtfully and critically. Our aim is to make the study of esoteric disciplines available to thinking, well-read enquirers. You can also get events updates via an RSS Feed (http://www.treadwells-london.com/events.php). We have an archive of past courses (http://www.treadwells-london.com/coursespast.asp), and you can also subscribe to our mailing list (http://www.treadwells-london.com/mailinglist.php).
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