Society Scares Me (societyscaresme) wrote in londonpagans,
Society Scares Me

78 Tarot Reading Challenge

This is a challenge given to me on behalf of Tarot Professionals UK, as a part of the events around our 1st anniversary as an organisation. I've been challenged to give 78 Tarot Readings in one day, one for every card in the deck. The readings will be one card readings, but Paul Hughes-Barlow, the stall holder, will be there taking bookings for more detailed readings.

I will be hunkering down in Butterfly Tarot in Camden Lock Market Hall, the Unit itself is easy enough to find -- just stay on the ground floor and look for the pale blue unit with the words "Tarot Readings" written on it. I'll be there for six and a half hours on Friday 18th!


Event: 78 Tarot Reading Challenge
Venue: Butterfly Tarot, Camden Lock Market Hall
Date: Friday 18th September (Next Friday)
Time: 12.00 to 18.30
Service: One card Tarot Readings.

Be there, or I'll come to your house!

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