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Upcoming events at Treadwells

Call 0207 240 8906 or email info@... for more information or
to book places. http://www.treadwells-london.com/

11/14/18 August 10 (6.50pm Wed, 1.50pm Sat, 6.50pm Wed)
It's a Right Royal Brew: It's the Middle Ages and the Devil's Afoot in London
A Guided Walk with Delianne Forget
Kings, queens and courtiers who dabbled in magic! In the shadow play of power politics and court intrigue, many medieval people communed with Old Nick to win favour and fortune. Even kings and queens were not immune to the lure of the Dark Side. Come and meet some royal personalities who could always count on their local sorcerer when the chips were down. Delianne Forgetis your guide: from toads to talismans, she knows it all, bringing her her blue-badge expertise together with a first-hand knowledge of things magical. Delianne's Halloween tours were so popular they all sold out. Meets NOT at the shop but Westminster Tube Station, Exit Four. The tour guide will be holding a sign.
Price: £7.00 in advance through Treadwell's

13 August 10 (Friday)
Some Secret Place: Pagan Ritual Evening with Peter James Mahoney & friends Monthly pagan ritual evenings for solitary witches and solitary pagans looking to explore group ritual. Made up of some talk, some small group discussion on devotion, ceremony, spirituality, and relationship with deity. It is suitable for people who have, or are developing, a spiritual life in witchcraft and/or paganism. Group size is small - maximum 17 people. You can come once, regularly, or intermittently.
Email Peter with any questions or for more information. (NOTE: not suitable for people who are unfamiliar with the ideas of paganism. Absolute beginners can contact Treadwell's for suggested resources. We are happy to help!) Price: £7.00
Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

16/23/25 August 10 (Monday/Weds 6.50pm)
Witches, Wizards and Warlocks: The London of Medieval and Later Magic
A Guided Walk with Delianne Forget
This walk takes you through the darkened cobblestone streets of the Embankment and Covent Garden, to the sites of secrets behind some of the area's past magicians and witches, some famous- some infamous. Your delightful and knowledgeable guide Delianne is a London registered Blue Badge Guide with a solid grounding in London history. A white witch herself, she also knows her magic from cauldron potions to good-luck charms. Book early as her walks usually sell out quickly. Meets and starts at Treadwell's Bookshop.
Price: £7.00 in advance through Treadwell's

19 August 10 (Thursday)
Your Own Hypnosis and Trance-Induction: methods for magicians, pagans and shamanic workers
Mark Smith leads an evening workshop on methods of hypnosis to induce using trance states and to work on the patterns of your unconscious mind in your magical practice. Techniques you can use to enhance visualisations and pathworkings and to intensify your ritual workings -- whether you work in chaos magic, Shamanic journeying, general meditation or witchcraft. It will go through the three levels of trance; trance induction and deepening including visual (sight), auditory (sound) and kinaesthetic (touch). Plus fractionation
techniques, fixation techniques and progressive relaxation. You can immediately apply the methods learnt. Mark Smith is a professional clinical hypnotherapist, professional drummer, gym addict and chaos magician. Price: £7.00 Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

26 August 10 (Thursday)
'The Way of Things to Come': Jung's Red Book and the Age of Aquarius
Dr Hereward Tilton (University of Exeter)
The central concepts of the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) - such as individuation, the archetypes and the collective unconscious - emerged during a prolonged and perilous period of self-analysis following his break with Freud. Jung charted the course of this `night journey' in extraordinary detail in his
so-called 'Red Book', an illuminated manuscript only recently published which reveals its author as a prophet of the New Age. This talk will explore Jung's visions of `the way of things to come', focusing in particular on his experience of apotheosis or deification as the Mithraic god of time, Aion. Our speaker for the evening is Hereward Tilton, a staff member at the Exeter Centre for the Study of Esotericism who has taught on early modern alchemy, Rosicrucianism and magic at universities in Holland, Germany and Australia.
Price: £7.00
Time: 7.15 for 7.30 start

28 August 10 (Saturday)
Water Witching: An Afternoon Practical Workshop
The ancient art of water witching is an occult skill which has long been at the heart of country lore -- real and practical, grounded in the English agricultural landscape. Also called dowsing, it's been more recently used for purposes other than finding water, but today's workshop starts you out at the root tradition: water witching itself. An hour and a half session, with practice, fun experiments, and including a set of rods for you to take home after. Peter Matthews has been involved in the teaching of dowsing for many years. Price: £20.00 (includes a set of dowsing rods)
Time: 2.00 - 3.30 pm

01 September 10 (Wednesday)
Irish Gods Come Back to Life: AE and the Tuatha Dé Danann, and After

02 September 10 (Thursday)
Occult London in the Sixties & Seventies: Interview with Francesca Rossetti

06 September 10 (Monday)
Learning the Tarot: Foundation Course for Beginners
Eight Mondays, with breaks for bank holidays. You can look over the course outline and learn more about the tutor, Diana Taylor. Price: £160 (£80 deposit, balance due on first night)
Time: 7.15 pm to 9.15 pm

10 September 10 (Friday)
Some Secret Place: Pagan Ritual Evening

23 September 10 (Thursday)
Traditional Witchcraft: With Special attention to the 1734 Tradition

24 September 10 (Friday)
Haunted Sound System: Voodoo Music, Voodoo Life

30 September 10 (Thursday)
Interview with a Witch: Chris Crowley in Conversation

6th October 10 (Wednesday)
Jung and the Occult: Was Jung a Mystic?

13 October 10 (Wednesday)
Alchemical Countdown: Number Symbolism in Alchemy

16 October 10 (Saturday)
Healing with Herbs, Seventeenth-Century Style: An Afternoon Course

20 October 10 (Wednesday)
Dark Night of the Soul: Pagan Spirituality in the Encounter with Despair

27 October 10 (Wednesday)
Learning the Tarot: Foundation Course for Beginners

02 November 10 (Tuesday)
The Path of Witchcraft: Religio, Mystes, Gnosis
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